Carrak Consulting was delighted to attend a Peer Review Workshop of the ‘REMIX’ project at Camborne School of Mines and to host an interactive break-out session.

Interreg Europe’s ‘Smart & Green Mining Regions of the EU’ (REMIX) project aims to encourage resource efficient and the environmentally and socially acceptable production of raw materials. It brings together nine partner regions, at different stages of the mining lifecycle, to share knowledge and develop best practice guidelines.

Camborne School of Mines (University of Exeter) is representing Cornwall and providing feedback from local industry stakeholders to our EU colleagues. The Peer Review Workshop today provided visitors from the partner regions with a presentation of past, present and potential mineral extraction in Cornwall, before attendees split out into a series of roundtable sessions.

Carrak Consulting hosted a break-out session about the Cornwall Mining Alliance (CMA). The CMA comprises over 90 mining-related organisations looking to collaborate with other members in order to diversify or expand their services and promote the sector as a whole. The session explored other industry clusters from across the EU to see if any successful models existed that would be a good fit for Cornwall. The size and composition of CMA membership is unique, being ~90% Micro Entities and SMEs, but interesting parallels were given with groups in Ireland, Scandinavia and Saxony. Stakeholders contributed a wealth of ideas to encourage growth of our mining business cluster in Cornwall.

The feedback received from this REMIX workshop will form part of a ‘Georesources Cornwall’ document for Cornwall Council. This will advise the Council on mining related opportunities in Cornwall and how best to support them.