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We offer geo-environmental services to land & mineral developers who are seeking practical & effective approaches to the responsible management of natural resources. We also assess land affected by former mining.
Kathy Hicks

Kathy Hicks


Mining Geologist and Chartered Environmentalist

Kathy is a mining geologist and geo-environmental specialist with over seventeen years’ experience in the global hard rock mining industry and UK ground engineering sector. She founded Carrak Consulting in 2013 to work with like-minded professionals on a diverse range of interesting and worthwhile projects.

Carrak Consulting offers environmental management and sustainable development support to land and mineral developers in the UK and overseas. Kathy is passionate about identifying and integrating environmentally sound practices and opportunities throughout all stages of a project lifecycle.

In the UK the company specialises in the assessment of land affected by former mineral extraction and wastes, including mining related ground instability and contamination, and the repurposing and regeneration of abandoned mine sites across Cornwall.

Carrak Consulting works with an established team of freelance Associates and research institutes to apply unique perspectives and specialist technical expertise skills in the delivery of bespoke projects.


… a range of environmental & geological assessments in the UK & worldwide

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… by environmental protection & the responsible management of natural resources


… with a group of like-minded independent specialists, providing a wealth of expertise


… to the provision of bespoke, high quality & ethical professional services

Carrak Consulting is pleased to be a member of:

Southwest Geothermal Alliance
Cornwall Mining Alliance
Cornish Chamber of Mines and Minerals