Carrak Consulting Ltd is pleased to have contributed to the new CIRIA manual on abandoned mine workings and to have coordinated input by other experts in metalliferous mining, based in the South West.

This new manual ‘Abandoned Mine Workings’ (C758D) replaces the former Construction Industry Research and Information Association  (CIRIA) publication entitled ‘Construction over Abandoned Mine Workings’ (SP32), published in 1984, which largely focused on coal mining issues. C758D includes an overview of the historical context of different types of mineral extraction, as well as the nature of workings and contemporary impacts of former mining.

The manual provides guidance on the assessment, risk mitigation and treatment of a range of mining legacy issues, including those unique to narrow-vein hard rock mining. The content is designed to assist in the management and development of land in mining areas. It is relevant to regulators, developers, land and mineral owners, consultants and contractors.