Carrak Consulting Ltd is pleased to have been part of an inter-disciplinary team, led by the Satellite Applications Catapult, looking at ways to use satellites to explore for subterranean lithium deposits in Cornwall.

Renewable energy technologies and the boom in the electric car industry are driving an exponential global demand in lithium and other technology metals. This has created a renewed interest in mineral exploration in Cornwall.

This Innovate UK funded research project sought to develop a way to detect and map geological structures that could host lithium brines using satellite images of geology, mineralisation and vegetation cover. The project also generated an enhanced environmental dataset and screening tool designed to characterise areas of interest and help assess any potential sensitivities and constraints to exploration.

The project culminated in an event in Bolivia, supported by DIT and the British Embassy in La Paz, where the team presented the results of the project and partners provided insights into the potential application of satellites for exploration in different environments.

More information on the project can be found HERE